Health Information


At Scott Drugs, we are committed to providing you the information that you need to take best manage your family’s health. That is why we offer a range of educational and money-saving health wellness in-stores and online resources. Just call us on the number at the top of this page or come visit the pharmacy to get learn more about our health services.

Health and Beauty Products

Scott Drugs offers a wide range of health and beauty products to help you ease the stress and hassles that come with everyday living today.

Outreach Workshops

Routinely, Scott Drugs invites the community to participate in free health and wellness workshops and events highlighting various product lines and health remedies. Guest speakers include Health and Wellness coaches and vendor who can share useful information and knowledge about their products and healthcare in general.

Vitamins and Supplements

Find out which vitamins and supplements benefit your body the most and get answers to your questions about their effective use.

Weight Management & Fitness

Let us help inspire you to reach your health and weight loss goals with expert fitness tips and a wide selection of exercise and nutrition products.

Quit Smoking

Get in-store information and advice to help you kick the cigarette smoking habit from Scott Drugs pharmacist.

Mr. Oliver Nkwonta regularly blogs on the general subject of health, with emphasis on medication and drugs. He shares information on drugs and gives advice on current concepts and “Best Practices” in the healthcare industry. Additionally, every month, Mr. Oliver Nkwonta writes a newspaper column titled “Pharmacist Corner” in the Courier News, where he shared similar information.